Is someone searching for you?

Ever wondered who might be searching for you from you past? An old classmate, girl or boyfriend? Finding out may be simpler than you think. Mylife has over 80 million active searchers in the US and Canada. Sign up for a free membership and they will notify you every time someone searches for you.


Setting up a free membership does not require a credit card, just your name, email, birth date, gender, and zip code. With your free membership Mylife will email you whenever someone searches for your name on their site. Then if it looks like someone you may want to contact, you can upgrade your account for about ten dollars a month.


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More on people looking for someone online:

It’s not hard to conceive the idea that people often wonder who is out there in “cyberspace” searching for them. With the ever present move towards social networking sites, check-ins, and mobile devices to connect to the world, it’s obvious that people are out there looking for other people. It would be nonsensical to say these individuals are doing so without the use of, or at the very lease help from, the World Wide Web.


Curiosity is usually the culprit. A searcher may be hoping to reunite with someone from their past. Or perhaps there is no relationship yet and someone just wants to know more about a person whose name they found somewhere. Whatever the case may be, people related searches make up nearly 30% of all searches performed on Google. That means almost 50 million searches every day are performed by people looking for someone.


What’s more, a good chunk of those searches are people wondering who is looking for themselves. It would be quite the white lie to say that we ourselves do not toss our own names into the search engines just to see what comes up. Not only that, but I’m sure we have all wondered, ‘Who is searching for me?’ when we have been online before. Web searches for people are a growing trend and we will see a continued integration with the innovations and sociological motivations bringing about Web 3.0.


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